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Greetings Traveler!

My name is Katharine, and I'm the owner of Witches Greetings. A couple years back, I was browsing for a greeting card I could use to say Happy Yule, or Blessed Yule, to a good witchy friend of mine. I saw plenty of contenders, but always paused, because I know the cards were not created with Yule in mind, which felt wrong to me.

Well, I took matters into my own hands, and created my own Yule Greeting Card. The card was a white and gold witch hat adorned with holly, pinecones, bells, and ribbon. Each element and color was used to signify Yule. A card that was designed with intent, love, and of course a bit of magic. The recipient of this card was the one who encouraged me to take the leap into the small business world and sell them to other witches. I owe a lot to them!

From there it was a year long whirlwind of change, learning, struggle, and a balancing act between my 9-5, my personal life, my spiritual journey, and my new small business. So far, we've accomplished a lot (my loyal customers and I), from donating to the Trevor Project, to adding in a recycled/sustainable paper option.

Recently, I've added an Art Print option so you can keep your favorite designs for yourself to decorate your space.

There's been so much to learn on this journey and so much more to do!

Feel Free to reach out to me and say Hi through Facebook or through Instagram. I love connecting with fellow individuals.

Thank you for your support!

Much Love

Katharine (She/her)

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